Encore's Managed Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Services simplifies collaboration with others through an interconnected system of communication devices. Encore's Managed UCC Service provides a broad technology solution that encompasses voice, video, contact center, and collaboration.

Encore's Managed UCC Services provide an extensible platform to deploy advanced collaboration technologies that drive enterprise productivity. While on-premise solutions are the primary deployment model for large enterprises, new software and cloud approaches are driving organizations to consider solutions that offer more seamless integration and better agility.

The foundation for Encore's managed service offering is our 24x7x365 Global Service Desk, which is staffed by certified technicians who act as a single point of contact for support and troubleshooting. All incidents flow through Encore's ITIL based process to ensure efficient response times and effective diagnosis.

The Global Service Desk team uses a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool to provide real-time visibility into network conditions. The RMM analytics engine can proactively identify utilization trends and detailed information to ensure reliability and performance.


Encore' Managed UCC Services include:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and management of UCC infrastructure
  • Rapid scaling and adoption of new services to meet business demands
  • Visibility into core network and UCC infrastructure to ensure efficient operations
  • Flexible deployment models to support on-premise, cloud, and hybrid designs

Customer Benefits

Encore provides:

  • Unified Communications – Unifies voice, video, data, and mobile applications for collaboration
  • Customer Care – Delivers a personalized experience that will satisfy customer interaction requirements regardless of the channel
  • Conferencing – Enables secure conferencing (cloud or on premise) regardless of geographic location
  • Collaboration Endpoints – Identifies and deploys the correct endpoint for business requirements (IP phones, video units, web, mobile, desktop)
  • Licensing and Consumption Models – Designs solutions around a company’s usage requirements to provide the maximum CAPEX/OPEX benefits

Why Encore Technologies

Companies face challenges in all aspects of the business and one partner can provide solutions across the entire ecosystem--Encore. Only Encore can provide comprehensive solutions that encompass a full range of services including; data center, enterprise, managed services, professional services, and talent.