Encore actively partners with customers to understand their business goals, to uncover the specific capabilities needed to accomplish those objectives, and to identify how progress towards those outcomes will be measured. Encore's focus is to help companies identify the emerging trends in information technology that impact business outcomes through innovation and optimization.

By combining Encore's experience in multiple business verticals with knowledge of the latest technology, Encore helps identify the solution (on-premise or cloud/hybrid) that will help achieve your business objectives and outcomes.

Encore employs a broad staff of engineering talent with experience in multiple industries, and maintains aggressive competency and certification requirements specific to customer needs.

Encore's professional services expertise includes:

  • Data Center design
  • Unified Communication and Collaboration
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Mobility
  • Server, Storage, and Virtualization

Customer Benefits

Encore provides:

  • Field experience and best practices with cutting edge technology
  • Efficiency, Security, and Value
  • Customer assistance with delivering performance to their customers

Why Encore Technologies

Companies face challenges in all aspects of the business and one partner can provide solutions across the entire ecosystem--Encore. Only Encore can provide comprehensive solutions that encompass a full range of services including; data center, enterprise, managed services, professional services, and talent.